We established our business in 2001, mainly concentrating on automotive related chemicals and safety defense products.
With concept of defense product, we have succeeded to develop safety tyre to be used in various security force vehicles.
Finixx Company has invented the most innovative technology and made a revolution in safety tyre industry. In 2006 the Self sealing safety tyre was launched into the market under our brand “ Finixx “
From the beginning until now, we have been leading innovation safety tyres in Radial tyre industry.


Finixx, is converted from Phoenix. It’s an Auspicious and immortal bird which is cyclically regenerated or reborn.
Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. This name has been chosen due to this fact that Finixx Self sealing safety will not go flats.
our mission

Our Mission

Aim to provide high quality tyre to ensure safety concern and prestige service for valuable customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Continue development to create and build up innovative technology to apply in tyre revolution under highest responsibility for social consciousness.

Global network

Our Global Network

Our Global networks are distributed in Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Green Environment Strategy

Under concept of Love Earth – Think Earth – Care Earth:

-Focus and select high quality material for long lasting use in order to reduce carbon pollution.

-Encourage Radial tyre retread under country’s transportation laws and International standard.

-Encourage to recycle scrap tyre to be used in some public facility construction and Rubber related products.