Radial Vs Bias Technology

The radial tyre revolutionized the world of tyres when invented in 1946 and put Michelin well ahead of the competition. Over the years, Michelin has maintained the leading position in terms of spectacular research and innovation.

Nowadays, a full range of new products have been developed in conjunction with major agricultural machine manufacturers in response to the continuous evolution of farming techniques.


A radial tyre allows the sidewall and the tread to function as two independent features of the tyre.



A bias tyre consists of multiple rubber plies over lapping each other. The crown and sidewalls are interdependent.

The overlapped plies form a thick layer that is less flexible and more sensitive to overheating.

Advantages of Radial tyres over Bias Tyres:

  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • Less ground compaction and damage.
  • Greater productivity. More of your machines power is actually used.
  • Reduction in tyre replacement thanks to the longer service life of radial tyres.


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